We’re a close-knit group with a diverse crew, with some engineers, seasoned master brewers, veterans, lawyers, dads, and granddads, and some with a passion for craft beer dating back to college.

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Patrick D. Edouard

Co-owner/Technology Management

is from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. A Northeastern University graduate with a background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Patrick currently works as an Information Technology Professional at a major university. Read More He is also an activist, a philanthropist, an emerging technology integrator, an innovative strategist, passionate about data science, virtualization, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, application development, and now a proud BEER-BARON and co-owner of 67 Degrees Brewing Company.
As a co-owner, he is responsible for managing computer networking, website, surveillance system, and implementing inbound marketing strategies that will promote the company by increasing brand awareness, targeting past website users, creating lead generation ads, and tracking conversions for sales direct from our social media ads and analytics.
Patrick’s fascination with beers initiated in Montreal, Quebec at the World’s First Annual Beer Festival in 1994. Fascinated with the diversity of beer aficionados as well as the numerous brands displayed at the festival, Patrick became interested in the business aspect of the beverage. Patrick’s beer of choice varies according to the occasion, the ambiance, and his company. Currently, Patrick’s favorite brews are Route 140 NE IPA,Proximity DIPA and Strawberry Stroll from 67 Degrees.
Extending the reach of his advocacy is important to Patrick. He frequently volunteers with several Big Data Analytics groups, such as Gartner Research, Alzheimer’s Disease and Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI), and Code Bootcamps (DataCamp and Codesmith). In addition to his professional successes, Patrick has a layered appreciation for outdoor activities, travel, and adventure. Read Less

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Robins Edouard

Co-owner/Public Relations

is a proud graduate of City College’s School of Engineering with a background in Electrical Engineering and holds an MBA from Georgian Court University. Also, a former Basketball Player and co-founder of Stylers Basketball team in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Read More His interests include sports, music, film, and the arts in general. As an actor, his credits include “Sill Harlem” (2019) and “Compassionate Release” (2020).
Originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, avid music lover and sports aficionado, Robin’s early memories of beer stemmed from his days as a young man observing his grandmother, a restaurant owner, serving beer to off-duty soldiers. Prestige, la bière d’Haiti, was their beer of choice. To Robins, beer is synonymous with family, friends, soirées dansantes in Haiti, watching major sporting events and wholesome, responsible good times. As a college student, Robins became interested in the chemistry behind the composition of different brews, the machinery involved in beer production, and most of all distribution and marketing, which leads to his role as Co-owner of 67 Degrees. Robins prefers Golden Retriever Ale. However, he remains fascinated with the ability of beer aficionados to discriminate between flavors. Nowadays, his preferred flavor is 67 Degrees’ Epimoni Citra. Read Less

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Laury C. Lucien

Founder/Co-owner/Legal Attorney

is a Massachusetts marijuana attorney and entrepreneur. Laury grew up in Petion-ville, Haiti. She moved to Boston, Massachusetts at the age of 15, during her senior year of high school to further her education. Read More She went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and a Juris Doctorate from Suffolk University Law School.
Laury began her legal practice by working in healthcare and life sciences as well as business licensing, corporate services, and mergers and acquisitions. Laury has advised pharmacies regarding the regulatory and licensing components of multiple multi-billion dollar acquisitions of privately held pharmacies. She has helped clients apply for, and renew, the following licenses in all 50 states: pharmacy, third-party administrator, utilization review, and collection agency. She is also experienced in helping international businesses obtain licenses necessary to operate in the United States.
Laury is the CEO of Major Bloom, LLC, a company that has secured two host agreements and one special permit to operate Marijuana Establishments in the Commonwealth. She is a Founder and Managing Member of GreenLight Business Solutions, LLC, a comprehensive consulting firm that helps marijuana start-ups navigate the marijuana industry. The Cannabis Control Commission selected GreenLight to be one of the seven Qualified Vendors for the Social Equity program. She is a partner in Chill Hill Bean Co., LLC, a craft genetics company based in California. She is also an adjunct professor at Suffolk University Law School, where she teaches the school’s first Cannabis Law course. She sits on the Boston Bar Association’s Cannabis Advisory Committee and sat on the Advisory Board for the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council. Laury is also a Founder of 67 Degrees Brewing, a craft brewery and taste room in Franklin, MA.
Laury is passionate about giving back to underserved communities. Laury currently provides pro bono services to emerging entrepreneurs by helping them prepare business formation documents and filings. Specifically, in the cannabis industry, Laury helped over 15 people obtain their certification for Economic Empowerment Priority status in Massachusetts.
In law school, she participated in Suffolk University Law School’s Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic, where she represented clients on a pro bono basis in a wide range of business disputes and intellectual property matters. Laury also worked with the Housing Unit of Greater Boston Legal Services, where she advocated for clients facing foreclosure. Read Less

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Tim Morse

Co-Owner/Master Brewer

has been brewing for four decades, from brewpubs and micros to regional breweries. Mr. Morse has a Brewing Degree from Siebel Institute of Technology and received the Large Brewpub Brew Master of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival, 2000. Read More As the son of a Food Scientist, Mr. Morse continues the tradition of making a living messing around with yeast.
Morse earned his chops for nearly a decade at West Coast pioneer Anchor Brewery during the first wave of the craft beer renaissance. He came East in the mid-1980s to join Hope Brewing, a short-lived Rhode Island contract brewer, before landing at the Bay State’s first brewpub, Commonwealth Brewing. There, along with talented brewers like Dan Kramer (Element), Phil Leinart (Ommegang) and John Mallet (Bell’s), he helped them establish a national reputation.
When John Harvard’s Brewery opened in Cambridge in 1992 he jumped ship, helping them get established and then expand to 14 locations during their peak in the late 1990s. His efforts were recognized at the 2000 Great American Beer Festival when he was named Large Brewpub Brewmaster of the Year. By 2010, with three decades of experience at the kettle, he was tapped by Beerworks, the state’s other successful brewpub chain, to be director of its brewing operations, a job that included managing some 160 recipes and initiating their bottling and canning efforts. Mr. Morse is now a proud master brewer at 67 Degrees Brewing manning the kettles strategically with innovation. Read Less