Like most craft beer enthusiasts, it all started with a sip, when Olivier shared his first IPA with his future father-in-law, no one thought anything of it, but truthfully, that is where 67 Degrees Brewing began. That first sip led to a slightly obsessive passion for craft beer, followed by the desire to start brewing his own. Fast forward some years later, the idea took root and the 67 Degrees team came together from bonds among family and friends. 

Our goal is to share our passion for creating exciting craft brews that nurture memorable moments with family, friends, and our community.

Why “Beer - Family - Friends”?

67 Degrees Brewing is the perfect example of what happens when a group of family and friends come together to make dreams a reality. Our story has shown us how important those bonds are, and we want to provide a place that nurtures relationships like that (surrounded by beer of course).

What’s in the Name?

The short version: boils down to fermentation temperature. Our humble opinion is the optimal temperature to ferment your ales. For the long version, stop by the taproom we’ll tell stories over a pint.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the town’s community life centers and a staple in the Metro West area. However, we aim to be a place where anyone from Franklin and surrounding communities can come to socialize. We want every guest who visits our taproom to have a unique experience and broaden the culture of the craft beer community.

We aim to be known for the quality of our beers; we make every effort to use the finest local ingredients New England has to offer and use time-honored methods to guarantee the best draught pour for our customers. 

All are welcome to visit our establishment. Our company’s business strategy emphasizes social impact, diversity, and inclusivity. We strive to provide excellent customer service.

Lastly, our vision is to make original and great-tasting beer.

Our Family & Yours

Our 3,000-square-foot building is perfectly located at 158 Grove Street, across from the Franklin Industrial District. We hope you find our location welcoming, artistic, and comfortable for bringing kids and tail-wagging furry friends.

We can’t wait to see you in our tasting room for a great experience. 


Bon Bagay!


Our taproom is a neighborhood-friendly landmark and gathering spot that welcomes family, friends, neighbors, artists, children, and tail-wagging pet friends. With a pleasant atmosphere and enthusiastic staff, we wish to promote positive beer culture and responsible enjoyment. We want to support fellow artisans and community members in our area while making a positive impact on the craft community by sharing and collaborating with our peers. We are thankful for what we enjoy the most—brewing beer! We want to share and foster that love and relationship with our growing community.