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As a blackowned and veteranowned brewery that has been manning the kettle productively since 2020. Our name comes from the optimal Fahrenheit temperature for Ale fermentation – Yup, that is the essential element of great brews. With a focus on Ales and Lagers, our signature beers include the Route 140 IPA (6.7%) a New England IPA, Forge Park (a West Coast-style IPA named after the last stop on the MBTA Commuter Rail line in Franklin and Bellingham), the Retriever Pale Ale and Westwood IPA with additional flavors.


We opened in late February 2020 and quickly had to shut our doors due to the pandemic. This necessitated a shift in strategy to distribution beyond the brewery and solidified placement in several retail chains including Trader Joe’s, Big Y, and Whole Foods. Now that COVID restrictions have been lifted, we are looking to generate new excitement for our brewery, our patrons, and our community while creating some hoppy hoppy brews.


We are a microbrewery that stretches the creativity of craft beer and rediscovers classical beer styles. 67 Degrees Brewing is the realization of two years of long days and tireless nights among six beer lovers and aficionados. Our 3,000 square foot building is perfectly located at 158 Grove Street, across from the Franklin Industrial District and next to the Planet Fitness Center. We welcome, artistic, and comfortable for bringing kids and tail wagging furry friends.


Lastly, we are involved in charitable and community activities supporting great causes such as StacheStrong (Supporting Brain Cancer Research), October Pink (Breast Cancer Awareness), Project St. Anne (Haiti Earthquake Relief 2021), KodeConnect ( ), etc by taking action, donating, launching fundraisers, joining local teams, and organizing a drive to get others involved.



At 67 Degrees Brewing our vision is to be the industry’s vigorous, friendliest, hoppiest, savourous, and innovative craft beer and craft spirits by pushing the boundaries of craft beer creativity and rediscovering classical beer styles for consumers to experiment with a huge diversity of beer styles and taste profiles. And target younger and older consumers who are most likely to drink craft beer outside the home, at a pub or restaurant. As well as Upscale, well-educated, and more interested in flavor than quantity.


Our commitment to craftsmanship, creativity, and education with every beer we brew to please our distributors, patrons, and community. We aim to keep striving to rediscover classical beer styles of exceptional quality and diversity for beer enthusiasts and novices alike. While remaining true to the scientific methods of brewing, we foster a spirit of curiosity and collaboration by remaining committed while providing all of our customers with a consistently fresh, satisfying, savourous, and quality product to indulge their thirst. We want to focus on the development and discovery of innovative craft beer recipes while minimizing our impact on the environment in our manufacturing process, we will strive for more efficiency and less waste. When feasible, seek out local ingredients and collaboration.

Our taproom is a neighborhood landmark and gathering spot that welcomes family, friends, neighbors, artists, and children with tails wagging pet friends. With a pleasant atmosphere, competent staff, and educational opportunities, we wish to promote positive beer culture and responsible enjoyment while also providing a place of learning for novices and advanced beer drinkers alike. To support and give back to fellow artisans and community members in our area. To make a positive impact on the craft industry by sharing and collaborating with our peers. To be grateful for the opportunity to do what we enjoy – brew beers! We want to share and foster that love with a growing community, as well as give back to those that have supported us.

Business Ethic

We are dedicated to upholding the greatest ethical standards in our business, as well as our respect for our employees and our responsibility to our families and the greater Franklin community. In all aspects of our business, we pledge to understand and meet the needs and expectations of our customers, employees, and distributors as we have a happy desire to brew great beers.

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158 Grove St. Franklin, MA 02038
Tel: (508) 507-7376

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